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Work for students whose teachers are not available to set remote learning

Teaching staff who are not striking have set work on ePraise for students to access remotely.  Should students not have any work set as their teacher is on strike they have also been provided with a list of links for English, Maths and Science, also on ePraise.  This is copied here for reference:


Should you have a lesson where no work has been provided:


If you are taking public exams at the end of this academic year, you must use this time to make some appropriate revision notes in topic areas they would be most helpful to you.  You are not revising but making preparations for when you do – remember the more times you review the same information, over a long period of time, the more likely you will commit this to your long-term memory and be able to retrieve it when you need it in an exam.


If you have an assessment coming up in any subject, use the time to prepare for this.


If you want to engage in some independent learning, you could use the following links to explore a new area of interest within the subject area, or find out more about what you are currently studying in lessons.




Years 7 to 9

Continuity Oak

Curriculum - Curriculum (


BBC Teach (for Shakespeare)

KS3 English Literature - BBC Teach


Year 10

Continuity Oak (revision lessons for both ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’)

Curriculum - Curriculum (


English folder of the Student Shared Area


English Lit KS3 - choose sections from the Shakespeare section


Year 11

‘Y11 Independent Study’ in the Student Shared Area (resources/practice questions/links)



login: eg 012345@pershore (using your school login number)

password: divide


If you don’t have any tasks/homework on there, you can still choose your own topics to work on independently. Year 8 to Year 10 have upcoming Maths tests and have a revision list on Epraise, which has hyperlinks to Mathswatch videos and practice questions.


Other sites:

Maths | Pershore High School (there is a document with links to these websites, and more)




Years 10 & 11

Doddle Science

Doddle (

There are a great deal of resources and simple assessments you can use there






Available for all students not just those studying GCSE.  Sign in with Microsoft 365 login


BBC Teach (for all subjects)