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Sixth Form

Part of the Avonreach Academy Trust

EPQ Titles

Past titles of projects include (outcome was a 5000 word essay unless otherwise stated):


  • Is it possible to produce a professional quality indie style track in a home environment using ordinarily available instruments and freely available software? (Original audio track)
  • Does the Golden Ratio Underpin a Successful Piece of Art?
  • To what extent were Bushido and Shinto employed by the Empire of Japan in the promotion of military nationalism?
  • Does a neglectful childhood make you a murderer?
  • How does the media influence the public opinion of the agricultural debate of organic vs conventional?
  • What is behind the intricate makings of a killer and are they worth saving?
  • What role, if any, should the private sector play in NHS?
  • Designing, costing and making a complete outfit using innovative materials and techniques. (Collection of garments)
  • How has swearing changed during the development of the English language and what social, cultural and psychological influences have affected this?
  • Investigate how valid is the statement: "The House of Lancaster would have provided the most effective King of England in the years 1455-1483 and therefore the usurpation of power by the House of York was not justified"
  • How has accounting developed since 1494 and how do the different methods of accounting affect how a business is portrayed on a financial statement?
  • Should the NHS treat smokers?
  • An artistic interpretation of possible habitats of alien life within the universe. (Art work)
  • To investigate the history of the death sentence and why it was abolished in England?
  • Looking into how cricket’s economics has changed over the past 50 years and how it has had an impact upon the game.
  • How has the financial position of football and rugby changed over time and what impact has this had on the sports today?
  • Humanity And The Cosmos: Will We Ever Dwell Amongst The Stars?
  • Is populism causing the breakup of the European Union?
  • Creating and testing an i-phone app. (i-phone app)
  • What has been the effect of equal pay legislation upon women's equality, especially in relation to the debate about the gender pay gap in the United Kingdom?
  • Is Skateboarding Worthy of a Place in the Olympics?
  • The Significant change in Indian Classical Dance throughout the years and the relationship between Indian classical dance and Hinduism.
  • Writing a screenplay to industry standards (Screenplay and film)
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of sign languages.
  • To what extent is Pershore a boring place for its residents through its history?
  • What were the lives likes for my relatives in the World Wars and how can I express this through a musical composition? (Musical composition and performance)
  • In Worcestershire, to what extent does the private sector provide quality elderly care, acknowledging the need for profitability?
  • How can I make a wedding dress with elements of 1950’s styles, aimed at a modern day target? (Wedding dress)
  • Are psychological strategies under-valued in assisting athletes to return to sport following injury?
  • What effects does the rapidly changing world of augmented and virtual reality have on today’s and future society?
  • How can people with dental anxiety be most effectively supported?
  • The social impact of the Chernobyl disaster. (Documentary film)
  • To what extent are women presented as the victim in psychological thrillers?
  • How important is ‘big data’ in modern business?
  • How can I train primary school students to write, design and produce a school newsletter? (Newsletter)
  • How much do people know about gut health and how can I raise awareness of it?
  • What combination of elements is necessary to create an effective work of fiction?
  • A review and assessment of current and future renewable energy schemes and an investigation into the viability of developing tidal systems in the UK.