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Drama and Performing Arts

Drama and Performing Arts Staff

Mrs A CooksonHead of Drama
Miss L Howland 


Drama is a popular, successful and thriving subject here at Pershore High School with creativity and practical exploration of the world of theatre and performance at the very core of our curriculum . Our ethos is one of creativity and innovation in all that we do and we believe our curriculum installs in our pupils an excitement for the subject and skills in emotional and physical expression, building sympathetic and empathetic young people.

We explore a wide variety of performance styles, playwrights and practitioners from the traditional Greek, Renaissance and Elizabethan periods to the contemporary works of Frantic Assembly , Wise Children and Punch Drunk theatre company.


Live performance work is at the heart of our curriculum and we visit the theatre and site specific performance venues throughout the school year. We truly believe that the more accessibility our students have to the world of theatre the greater knowledge, passion and ambition our students have for the ever evolving world of theatre.


We also offer opportunities for all pupils to experience and learn about technical theatre practices such as lighting, set, sound and make up design.


Transferable skills are a continual focus at every key stage and pupils learning journey through drama equips them with the ability to be resilient problem solvers, sensitive group members and to develop independence in their studies.


Key Stage 3


Pupils are introduced to the fundamental skills of Drama creation, performance and analysis of live work. Pupils study a wide range of styles, and historical forms including Commedia Dell Arte and Physical theatre. Pupils will create, perform and respond to live theatre and performance work.


The curriculum at KS 3 prepares pupils for further study at Key Stage 4.


Key Stage 4


Our Key Stage 4 curriculum builds on prior learning from Key stage 3 and it focusses on the nuances of practical performance work and the analysis of recognised theatre practitioners’ work and their impact on the evolving world of theatre and performance.


We offer  AQA GCSE Drama and EDUQAS Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts.


Drama GCSE is a practical course that focuses on the art of performance, analysis of play text through acting and or design and the evaluation of live performance work.  It is, exciting, engaging and encourages students to become confident and accomplished performers. Pupils will study the work of recognised theatre practitioners, devise their own performance work and will learn how to execute skills in performance / technical theatre.


WJEC level 2 award in Performing Arts is a practical course that explores all elements of the performing Arts world. The course is split into three components with Component 1 focussing on the exploration of Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance Skills. Studying the work of recognised theatre practitioners and existing repertoire in these genres. Component 2 is a focus on practical performance skills in the three disciplines accumulating in a final performance show case. Component 3 is the creation of original performance based on a design brief. There is an option to study technical theatre practices in this qualification.



Key Stage 5


Edexcel Drama and Theatre


Drama and Theatre A level is a dynamic and exciting subject that introduces you to the world and wonder of live theatrical performance.  You will learn about, engage with and develop an understanding of theatre practitioners and contemporary styles of performance, and will bring text to life through characterisation and performance skills. The course will enable you to broaden your knowledge and understanding of current playwrights, classical texts and theoretical understanding of the genres and processes of recognised theatre practitioners.


This course is engaging, practical, academic and as a well-regarded subject can lead to further study at degree level in a wide variety of pathways.

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