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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning are inter-dependent and as an ongoing process we seek to refine and improve our pedagogy and our practice in order to provide the best learning experience. We believe that teachers who continually strive to develop their teaching have greater impact on the lives of students and their future opportunities. We have developed our Teaching@Pershore framework to allow clear areas for focus in our pedagogy and a thorough monitoring and evaluation process that allows teachers to continue their development and leaners to thrive.


Students who understand the learning process are more likely to invest in their own learning experience. To this end we have also developed our learning framework which provides a transparent basis for learners to see that, with dedicated practice, they can know more and develop their ability to think and communicate with depth and clarity. With positivity and ambition students at Pershore High School can achieve well, be prepared for their future and look forward with confidence.

For further information and an overview of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Pershore please open the file below. Department specific details can be found in the curriculum section of the website.