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Sixth Form

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Presentation: Business

Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

“Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.” Donald Trump


Studying real businesses, making real money, in the real world.


Would you like to study a subject that sets you up for life? If so then this course is great for you. No matter who you work for in the future it will be a business of some form. Understanding more about how those businesses work is the key to progressing and climbing the ladder quickly. Cambridge Technicals offer you a vocational alternative to A Levels that will help to prepare you for the world of work or to continue your studies at university.


The course is split into 6 units; 3 units covered in Year 12 for the award of Certificate (equivalent to AS) and 3 in Year 13 for the Extended Certificate (equivalent to A Level). For the Extended Certificate, 3 units are examined and 3 units are coursework assessed. They are graded Distinction*, Distinction, Merit and Pass, equivalent to A*, A, C and E.


This course is all based on not only understanding underlying theory and concepts, but applying your knowledge in relation to real businesses. You will visit local businesses and use the information gained to underpin your work.


The Business Environment - In this unit you will develop an understanding of how and why businesses operate in the way they do. You will look at a range of different types of business and business structures, and how the ownership of a business and its objectives are interrelated.


Working in Business - This unit will cover the skills and understanding needed to work effectively within a business environment. This includes arranging meetings, working with business documents, making payments, prioritising business activities and communicating with stakeholders.


Customers and Communication - In this unit you will learn the purpose, methods and importance of communication in business and the appropriateness of different forms of communication for different situations.


Marketing and Market Research – In this unit you will gain an in-depth understanding of primary and secondary market research methods used to inform marketing decision-making. You will be able to carry out market research, analyse the market research findings and present the findings.


Introduction to Human Resources - In this unit you will gain an overview of the HR function within a business and learn about factors affecting human resources planning. You will understand the importance of motivating and training employees to achieve their potential.


It is not essential to have studied Business at GCSE, but G5 at GCSE in both Maths and English is required. If Business was studied at GCSE, a G5 is required as well.

For further details please contact Grant White