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The Science team at Pershore High School consists of 14 enthusiastic and experienced specialist teachers and 2 dedicated technicians.


We believe that students at Pershore High School deserve a broad Science curriculum that is rich in skills and knowledge, and challenging yet accessible to all. Science lessons should ignite curiosity and encourage students to be creative and problem solve. As a result, Pershore students will be able to understand the uses and implications of Science today and better prepared for future learning or employment.


Students learn and develop their understanding of concepts through working scientifically, making full use of our specialist facilities and equipment. Our Science building boosts 11 well-equipped and modern science laboratories.


Science at Pershore is a popular and successful subject, with consistently high numbers of students continuing to study the subject at A-Level and beyond. It provides students with highly transferrable skills that prepare them for their future careers. GCSE and A-Level results for Science subjects are consistently above national average.

Science Staff

Miss S ComberHead of Science
Mr T OakleyActing Head of Chemistry
Miss R Hilli/c KS4 Physics
Miss K Syvreti/c KS5 Physics
Dr L Peakei/c KS3 Science
Miss S Baldwin 
Mrs Z Budding 
Mrs S Clarke 
Mrs S Clarke 
Miss J Cook 
Mr J Dingle 
Mr G Ebbs 
Mr L Halford 
Mr J Howell 
Mr R Natynczuk 
Mrs A Price 
Mr P Spence 
Mrs C Tarring 



The Science curriculum at Pershore High School is built around the 10 Big Ideas in Science at KS3.  Students are taught in broad ability classes. Each class has two Science teachers and students are taught using our own Scheme of Learning. This ensures that by the end of Year 9 all our students are ready to begin GCSE in Year 10.


There is a thriving Science Club, which runs after school in the second half of each term. Sessions provides a wide range of interesting and enjoyable experiences to enrich science for students in Years 7 and 8.



We currently offer two main pathways. In all cases students will have a specialist teacher for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A decision is made on which pathway is suitable for a student at the end of Year 9 / beginning of Year 10.  Students can continue to study A level in Science irrespective of the pathway they follow subject to meeting the entry qualifications for the course.


1.The AQA Separate Science GCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taken by the students who show the greatest enthusiasm and aptitude for science. These courses contain a high level of demand in terms of scientific knowledge and application. It is currently followed by two classes in each year group.  Students receive 3 GCSEs at the end of this course.


2.AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy is taken by the majority students in years 10 and 11. This course is equally demanding in terms of scientific skills and application. Students receive 2 GCSEs at the end of this course.



Science is a popular destination for students at Pershore. A-Level courses in Biology A (OCR), Chemistry A (OCR) and Physics (AQA) are offered.


There are large numbers of students studying science subjects in the sixth form and results are very good. Many of these students choose to continue study Science at university in a full range of degree courses.