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Presentation: Maths and Further Maths

Why study A Level Maths and Further Maths?


Career Opportunities

Studying Maths at A Level gives you an excellent choice of career, with Maths and Further Maths being versatile subjects that are well respected by employers. If you have a high level of mathematical skill, then you will have the opportunity to choose a career which is interesting, rewarding and well paid. The number of students studying Maths and Further Maths is increasing, but there is still a huge demand from employers in a wide number of areas such as science, engineering, manufacturing, business and finance.


Employability Skills

If you study Maths, you develop the skills of thinking logically, analytically and strategically. You are also able to communicate in a clear and precise way, and explain your reasoning for decisions. Maths students have excellent numeracy skills and can process and interpret information in a variety of formats. These skills can be useful in a wide range of careers and are highly valued by employers.


Preparation for Higher Education

A Level Maths is a subject requirement for many university courses, and A Level Further Maths is sometimes a preferred option too. Many university courses involve mathematical skills and content far beyond GCSE and studying Maths at A Level will ensure that you are better prepared to make the transition to higher education. Studying A Level Further Maths is also something which could make your university application stand out.


Supporting other subjects

The work you study in A Level Maths will be of great benefit in many other subjects such as physics, biology, chemistry, computing, geography, psychology, economics and business studies. If you study Further Maths, it is likely to improve your grade in A Level Maths as well due to the development of techniques and additional practice.


It’s interesting!

A Level Maths and A Level Further are challenging subjects, but also incredibly interesting. You will learn new skills in many areas such as:


Statistics – Collecting and analysing data and using this to make predictions about future events.

An understanding of probability and risk is important in careers like insurance, medicine, engineering and the sciences.


Mechanics – Modelling and analysing the physical world around us, including the study of forces and motion. Mechanics is particular useful to students studying physics and engineering.


Decision Maths – Using algorithms and other methods to find efficient solutions to real life problems, such as finding the shortest route around a network. The techniques are important in business, logistics and computer science.


Why choose Maths and Further Maths at Pershore High School Sixth Form Centre?


We are a highly successful department with an experienced team of specialist teachers. We consistently achieve excellent results, with a very high proportion of top grades. Every year, our students go on to study at top universities in subject areas such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.


In lessons, classes are reasonably small and the teachers have an excellent insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Assessment is regular and rigorous, so our students always know how well they are doing and where they can improve.


Every A level Maths class has 9 hours of teaching plus one assessment period per fortnight, and students will be taught by two different teachers. In Further Maths, there are 7 hours of teaching per fortnight from one teacher, plus an assessment period. Students are welcome to seek support from their teachers (or any other teacher in the department) at any convenient time. The staff are very approachable and are keen to support students with their studies beyond the classroom. All students are also given a login to the Integral Maths website, which contains a wealth of resources to support students’ revision.



For more information about studying A Level Maths or Further Maths, please contact Debbie Morgan (Head of Maths) by email at



Integral Maths (requires a login):


Advanced Maths Support Programme: