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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an integral subject in developing students’ knowledge and understanding within the multi-cultural and diverse world in which we live. Our vision at Pershore High School is to allow students to develop key skills for learning and life beyond education.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of religions and worldviews and explore philosophy and ethics in the modern world.  Our subject develops students’ skills such as critical thinking and reasoning; it encourages them to participate through in-depth debates.

Religious Studies Staff

Miss D ThrowerHead of Religious Studies 
Mr T Saunders  


At Key Stage 3 we follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus and study a range of topics aimed at answering big questions from “What can Sikhi teachings on equality and service show humanity?” to “Is happiness the purpose of life?”.  In Key Stage 4, students may opt to study the Edexcel GCSE specification B. Students taking GCSE RE and will study the beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam as well as four ethical themes, allowing students to examine and evaluate. At Key Stage 5, students follow the AQA Philosophy A Level course giving them an excellent foundation for further education.