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Art and Design

At Pershore High School we believe that the study of Art & Design is essential in raising student’s self-awareness and their sense of cultural identity. It promotes the mobility of ideas and feelings. Art & Design celebrates mistakes and has the ability to enrich, challenge and inspire students to make things happen for themselves.


Our students gain an awareness Art traditions as a catalyst to reinventing the past and to help make work that is contemporary and relevant. This equips them with the tools to communicate visually in an increasingly image saturated world.


The Art teachers within the department collectively have a broad range of specialisms and expertise in which to develop student’s versatility. Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of mediums and techniques in a purposeful manner with interrelated thematic content. This acts as a springboard for other projects as they progress through the school, working towards greater artistic autonomy and independence.


We are a welcoming department with an open door policy whereby students can feel able to work in the Art rooms outside of lessons at lunchtime or after school. We run various extra-curricular Art clubs to broaden student’s creative experiences as well as provide support with coursework and class based projects.


Many students who have come through the full Art and Design journey have gone on to attain places on ambitious and competitive degree courses and go further to develop careers in the creative industries. Pershore High’s alumni includes architects, graphic designers, advertisers, fashion designers, museum and gallery workers, Art journalists and copywriters as well as commercial photographers. The delivery of our curriculum enables students to make these transitions beyond their school experience.

Art and Photography Staff

Mr D ReidHead of Art
Miss E Bitcon 
Mrs O Harriman 
Mr E Turfrey 


Our Art and Design curriculum from Years 7-11 are supported by 9 Art and Design centred Threshold concepts. Each of these Threshold Concepts are designed to help us to integrate some of the BIG IDEAS that can help students develop a deeper understanding of Art and Design. We hope that it will help students become lifelong learners and appreciators of Art and culture. The Threshold concepts are not meant to be instantly understood. Once opened, they introduce students to troublesome knowledge and new ways of considering our subject. In the classroom we hope they will promote discussion, experimentation and a willingness to investigate the unfamiliar; the seemingly strange things that Artists make and describe as Art.