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Geography is the study of our Earth.


'The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together' – Barack Obama


We firmly believe that Geography is an essential part of young peoples’ development. Enhancing student understanding of the world around them is pertinent to their interaction with and interpretation of our environment in later life, and helps them to form judgements of global issues.


Topics and lessons delivered at Pershore seek to stimulate students’ curiosity in the world around them. There is regular opportunity for exploration of place, theory, cultures reflecting personal interests, whilst providing opportunity for students to link concepts and themes with their own lives and in understanding the impact, purpose and power of their own ideas.


It is our aim within the Geography Department to create enthusiastic, engaged and empathetic global citizens, who ask questions about the world around them and are able to demonstrate their knowledge and argue and justify their opinions.

Geography Staff

Mr A KilgallonHead of Geography
Mrs A Knight 
Mr J Pyatt 
Mr J Treasure-Evans 


Click to access the Geography Learning Journey document

In Geography students will explore themes around human and physical geography; exploring the interconnected environments in which we live. Students’ progression through each topic will enable new knowledge and ideas to be established, and will unlock gateways to understanding themes and concepts in line with our ‘threshold concepts.



In Year 7 students study topics expanding outwards in scale from Pershore, beginning with essential mapping and ‘core’ geography skills, working their way through the landscapes, environments and processes that have shaped the world around them.


During Year 8, students focus on a variety of place and environment studies, exploring change and the links between human and physical interactions.


Year 9 students explore a range of challenges, both physical and human, that pose risks to planet Earth, including an explosive start with volcanoes, climate change, resource      management and global commons.


Themes focused upon at KS3 aim to prepare students to thrive during GCSE study, with the aim to establish solid foundations for a range of themes to come.



GCSE students follow the AQA 9-1 specification which is linked below. This course provides students with a range of opportunities to explore the world with its both physical and human processes through engaging and enquiry themed lessons.


All year group topics with themes broken down can be viewed in our PHS Awesome Geographers’ Learning Journey above.




Throughout their time with the Geography Team, students have the opportunity to engage in a range of trips and fieldwork opportunities within our ‘Geographers Going Places’ agenda. Whilst we are still ‘re-setting’ following COVID limitations, several visits currently include:

  • Year 8 to Berrow Sand Dunes & Weston-Super-Mare to conduct sand dunes fieldwork and enquiry process exploration. (Summer Term)

  • Year 10 to Carding Mill Valley to conduct GCSE rivers fieldwork investigations. (Summer Term)

  • Year 11 to Birmingham to conduct GCSE urban regeneration fieldwork investigation 

  • Year 12 to Dorset to complete A-Level fieldwork investigation days.

  • There has also been year 10-13 Iceland Trip


Additionally, students have a range of opportunities to conduct school-based fieldwork across all year groups.

To aid the understanding of key ideas, the Geography Department has identified 9 core ‘threshold concepts’, which can be broken down further into specific ideas. These concepts are entwined and built-up throughout students’ time at Pershore High School, enabling the development of deeper understanding, growth in confidence and application of ideas. A breakdown of these concepts can be viewed below.