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Please use Parent Pay for all online payments for school items. If you need any further assistance, please contact our Finance team who will deal with your request:



Contact our Finance Department


Biometric Cashless Catering System


Pershore High School uses a biometric recognition system. The system is used nationally with teaching and administration systems such as cashless catering, library management, printing, door access, lockers and e-registration systems in many schools extremely successfully.


The system links to ParentPay, which is where parents/carers able to credit their child’s lunch account at their convenience.  ParentPay is also the system for paying for trips, music lessons etc and allows parents/carers to see what their child has purchased from the dining room.  Students are able to check their credit limit at the tills and at further machines that are installed in school.  The staff in the dining room are not be able to accept cash from students. 


The cashless system provides a number of very significant benefits including:


  • Parents/carers being able to monitor purchases within the school canteen
  • Reduction in opportunities for bullying as there is nothing that can be stolen for use by another student
  • Reduction in the need for cash handling 
  • Students do not have to remember to bring a card
  • Reduction in queuing time