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What are we doing?


The Technology department is proud of the curriculum offered, successfully preparing students to participate productively in a technological world.


We passionately strive to deliver a stimulating curriculum. We want our students to identify when they are demonstrating STEAM skills and recognise opportunities for them to pursue worthwhile careers within these subjects.


Our curriculum is designed to help our students to develop confidence and personal enjoyment, with a commitment to:


  • Seeing students in a ‘state of flow’.
  • To believe in their capabilities when responding to design and manufacturing contexts including CAD/CAM.
  • To allow themselves not to have all the answers but the commitment to seek them.


Why are we doing it?


Technology gives purpose and reason to numerous subjects, linking them productively in a manner no other subject can.


These are the important attributes we witness in students who show enjoyment and personal fulfilment from the subject and often go onto to pursue worthwhile, stimulating careers in STEAM applications.


How are we doing it?


The curriculum has been designed to provide a broad and balanced experience. The projects have been allocated to specific years at points we deem most pertinent and provide clear progressive links in terms of rigour and complexity.


We inspire students to take responsibility for their learning and encourage them to take creative risks.


KS3 - Mapping our curriculum offer against the Learning Units (PoS) KS3 National Curriculum (applying Designing, Making, Evaluating, Technical Knowledge (+ Cooking and Nutrition)


We endeavour to maximise the use of our 2 hour fortnightly allocation. Students are placed into 10 teaching groups in Years 8&9 and 4 teaching groups with the phased offer to Year 7. Through experience we find that gifted Technology students are not necessarily defined by Maths, Science sets nor benefit from being grouped by SEND, PP, or gender.


These have been mapped out establishing PoS coverage and sequenced to meet the NC DT aims with increasing complexity, thereby developing student confidence and competence.


Examples of current learning experiences are:

Year 7 the Mug Sublimation project provides an introduction to using Photoshop (CAD).

Year 8 the Gift Box provides an introduction to 2d Design Tools (CAD) and the laser cutter (CAM) engraving their lid (with a cross curricular link to Art exploring the work of required artists at KS3).

Year 9 Pewter Key ring requires students to use 2d Design Tools to create a mould that will be laser cut (CAM)


STEAM opportunities are provided including clubs and national events and competitions.


Links to apply STEAM

Years 7 & 8 – LEGO Mindstorms National Robotics competition

Year 9 – ARCONIC + Dragons Den finals

Year 12 – EDT Engineering Education Scheme (England)


Robotics – through STEAM participation with Trinity High School, Redditch, our students in Year 9 participate in an industrial based challenge set by ARCONIC.


Students are supported and encouraged to apply more vigorous demands (high expectations) upon themselves employing skills including CAD/CAM in KS3.


Key Stage 4


We currently offer three main pathways, GCSE Technology (AQA), Food Science and Nutrition (AQA) and Cambridge Nationals Child Development.

In all cases students will have a specialist teacher.

If you enjoy working with Materials, Graphics, Art, Electronics

- Our A-Level is for you!


Why study A- Level Design & Technology?


Design & Technology prepares you to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. You learn to think and intervene creatively to improve quality of life.


You must look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of ideas, making products and systems.


You will combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices.


Through Design & Technology you can become innovative, well informed discriminators in your use of products, generating transferable skills for all walks of life.


The options………


The subject is divided into two distinct sections, and there is an element of choice through these.


1) Examination Paper (50%) - This paper will contain sections which will assess your knowledge and understanding of: Designing and innovation, Product analysis, Materials and components, Industrial and commercial practice.


2) Design and Make Tasks (50%) - You will submit a portfolio, sketchbook and commercially viable prototype.