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Modern Languages

It is a common misconception that everyone speaks English. A large proportion of the tourist resorts in Europe and further afield has staff who are able to communicate the basics in several languages but 94% of the world cannot speak English and indeed have never heard it spoken. Everybody in every corner of the world has their own traditions and way of life, identity and language of which they are quite rightly proud. Here in the Pershore MFL department we not only deliver high quality French, German and/or Spanish language lessons, but we also promote at every opportunity the benefits of tolerance, understanding and appreciation of other cultures.


We teach many students who already speak a different language at home; have family that live abroad; intend to travel or live abroad later in life or have career aspirations that involve languages. Equally, we teach many students who do not know that languages in one form or another will be part of their future. We advocate very strongly the need for our students to think ahead and consider that languages may very well feature in the path they intend to follow, be it directly or indirectly.


Key Stage 3


As can be seen in our comprehensive Curriculum Overviews, our students study a wide variety of topics, which allow for the exploration and consolidation of vocabulary and grammar. There is a real focus upon equipping our linguists with the tools to manipulate the French, German and/or Spanish studied to suit their own purpose. Lessons incorporate the 4 skills areas: reading, listening, reading and speaking, and students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning both inside and outside the classroom.


We have a long-standing relationship with our partner school in Bad Neustadt, and pride ourselves on our copious international links, which our International Co-ordinator, Ruth Ward, actively nurtures.


Key Stage 4


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart.”  Nelson Mandela


Learning a language is an essential skill which is invaluable in all walks of life, whether it is for career, higher education, travel or simply getting to know people.  More and more universities are expecting qualifications in languages as part of their entry requirements. We currently offer French and/or German at GCSE level.


We work with the AQA exam board and assessment will take place at the end of the two-year GCSE course. There will be a Writing exam, a Speaking exam including a role-play, photo card and general conversation as well as Listening and Reading exams.  Each exam is worth 25% of the final GCSE grade.


There are two tiers of assessment: Higher (Levels 4-9) and Foundation (Levels 1-5).  You will be entered for either Foundation or Higher, depending on your strengths. 


The course allows student to:

  • develop an understanding of the spoken and written forms of the language in a range of contexts.
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in the language.
  • develop a knowledge and understanding of the grammar of the language.
  • foster an appreciation of the culture in countries in which the language is spoken.
  • provide a suitable foundation for work or travel in the countries in which the language is spoken.


Language learning takes place in real life contexts and a wide variety of multi-media resources are used to bring language to life.  There will be further opportunities to practise and develop language skills by visiting the target language country.


The course will enable students to develop the skills to cope in a range of social, work and tourist situations.




The AQA GCSE covers the following topics:


Identity and Culture              Areas of Interest                   Current and Future Study


Family and Friends                 Home Town                            School

Technology                             Social and Global Issues        Further Education

Free Time                               Travel and Tourism                 Jobs and Career Choices


Key Stage 5


Pershore Sixth Form currently offers exciting A Level courses in French and German. Both courses cover 8 broad topic areas linked to the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of France or Germany.

Our philosophy is that language is best learned in a variety of contexts and through a communicative approach. Lessons are stimulating and challenging and involve activities such as:

            •           watching clips and visual material on a broad range of topics

            •           reading articles from newspapers and magazines

            •           debating topical subjects

  • studying both a set text and film

            •           listening to music and the radio – all in the target foreign language of course!

Assessment – 3 examinations at the end of Year 13

  • Listening, reading and translation (50%)
  • Writing (20%)
  • Speaking (30%)

You will develop a range of vocational communication skills, an eye for detail and precision, and a deeper understanding of foreign cultures both inside the classroom and independently. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to participate in the German exchange and encouraged to explore work experience placements in France or Germany. 


Languages blend perfectly with any combination of subjects at A Level to provide enhanced career prospects, intellectual challenge and enjoyment. Good linguists are generally deemed to be more confident and independent, and universities are keener than ever to offer places to students who have an A Level in any MFL.


A Grade 6 or above in the language at GCSE is required.