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Sixth Form

Part of the Avonreach Academy Trust

Product Design

Presentation: Product Design

If you enjoy problem solving, Technology or Art  - Our A Level is for you!



Product Design prepares you to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. You learn to think and intervene creatively to improve quality of life.


You will combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices.

Through Product Design you can become innovative, informed discriminators in your use of products, generating your own transferable skills for all walks of life.


The options………


The subject is divided into two distinct sections.


1) Examination Paper (50%)- Design and Technology in the 21st Century written examination: 3 hours. This includes a mix of structured and extended writing questions assessing learners’ knowledge and understanding of:


Technical principles

Design and making principles

Along with your ability to:

Analyse and evaluate wider issues in design and technology


2) Design and Make Tasks (50%) - You will submit a portfolio taken from    project theme briefs.


Professional career paths….......


Architect, CAD/CAM, Graphic Designer, Civil Engineer, Artist, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Manufacturing Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronic and control engineer



"I love product design because it lets me be creative and create design with purpose. It really lets you get underneath what happens in the manufacturing business and shows you different processes that are used. The teachers are supportive throughout and any queries you have, you only need to ask! "


Dylan Wadsworth Year 12



"Having a creative outlet is important to me."

Lexi Fitter Year 12


"Product design encourages us to be creative and allows us to use a variety of tool and machinery."


Bailey Parker Year 12



For more information, contact Neil Harding -