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Year 7 RSHE

RSHE Year 7 Curriculum Overview

What is the Year 7 RSHE curriculum aiming to achieve?

What do we want our Year 7 to be like?

How are we building on prior learning?

How can parents/carers support their child’s learning?

  • Informed
  • Empathetic
  • Critical thinkers
  • Capable of making safe choices



  • KS2 learning about healthy eating and making positive choices for our body
  • KS2 learning regarding respect and relationships.
  • Talk to your child about growing up
  • Make positive healthy choices and discuss them
  • Discuss mental health as well as physical health


How are we organising the Year 7 RSHE curriculum?


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2




Healthy Choices

Drugs and Alcohol



Puberty and hygiene


Friends and Bullying



Introduction to Relationships and Consent



Mental health



Staying Safe online



Threshold Concepts


That we need to make positive choices for health

That bodies and emotions change during puberty

Understanding that friendships require respect. Recognising bullying and signposting for help.

Understanding the concept of consent and signs of a healthy relationship

Understanding that mental health needs tending. Signposting for help.

That positive, safe choices also need to be made in online lives




Making healthy choices



Making healthy choices















Critical thinking


Enrichment within

the curriculum

RSHE enriches and develops students’ understanding of the world around them. It provides the information and skills necessary to keep themselves safe and build the resilience to cope when things do not go as expected. It allows students to hear alternative views and question the validity of their own. RSHE allows students to be confident in their choices.

Cross curricular links


The RSHE curriculum has links with many other subjects such as:

  • Science (healthy diet, drugs and alcohol, reproduction)
  • IT (online safety)
  • Food (healthy diet)

Extra-curricular opportunities


RSHE encourages empathy, discussion, research, critical thinking, respect and the understanding of being healthy and being safe. These skills will be an advantage in any extra-curricular activity.


What are the intended outcomes of the Year 7 RSHE curriculum?


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Opportunities to show progress (Assessments)

Assessment is through self-reflection. Students gauge their knowledge and skills prior to the unit of work and again at the end. Discussion of the contents and outcomes of the unit allow students to feel confident in their knowledge and develop the skills to question and explore further.

Impact on personal development (SMSC)

RSHE is essential to personal development. It allows age appropriate discussion in a safe environment to explore ideas and garner information. Students will look at scenarios and risks and be able to understand consequences in a controlled way.




Preparation for the next stage of education

The RSHE curriculum builds in complexity as students move through the school and become more aware of issues outside the bubble of education. It is planned to allow age-appropriate discussion and exploration of relationships, health, sex and online safety; becoming more in-depth as they mature and develop.